Ausbildungsseminar "Physik der lebendigen Welt“ 

Sommersemester 2023


… to yet another edition of our seminar 
"Physik der Lebendigen Welt“ / "Physics of Life“

This course is given jointly by Dr. Magdalena Marganska (Magda) and Dr. Joerg Mertins (Joerg). Teaching and talks will be offered both in German and English language. Please do not hesitate to get in touch whenever you want to. 

Our first meeting will take place on
Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, at 1 pm, in room 5.0.21.  

We will then decide about the regular course hours depending on your preferences. 

Agreed course hours are: 
Every Tuesday 4pm-6pm in room 5.0.21

The course catalog (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) will be updated soon too.  

Physics of Life / English abstract: 

In the fight for survival both the animal and plant world have found wonderfully clever solutions to many physical problems. Their length scales run from nanometers to dozens of meters, and involve all disciplines of physics - from classical mechanics, through electrodynamics, quantum physics and thermodynamics, both for individual organisms and for collectives. The challenges which the living world had to solve are locomotion, lightweight construction, efficient swimming, photosynthesis, path optimization, the balance between sensitivity, speed, and error correction in neural conduction... Many of these solutions inspire also technological innovations.

This seminar gives you an opportunity to learn about a broad and varied domain of physics, which rarely makes it into the official curriculum. We also want to give you tools and strategies for preparing and giving good talks. To this end we advise you closely during the preparation phase, and offer detailed feedback after the talk.

The seminar will be similar to the one given last spring term, linked here.
It may serve you as inspiration what topics for talks have been choosen last year. 

This siminar homepage will be updated regularly during the semester as the course advances. 

We are looking forward to your attendance! 

2023-04-18  Introductory Presentation from Magda linked here!  

Best wishes,
Jörg and Magda. 

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